Back To December

It’s so weird listening to this song nowadays. It’s interesting listening to it from a different perspective. It’s also a bit strange how closely it mirrors some things I’ve experienced, down to the details, and some things that have been said to me. Sometimes it’s eerie how specific some songs get.

It’s a beautiful song.

Stocking Stuffer

Santa knows I’ve been mostly good this year. I think I totally deserve this.

Mad Me.

So I came across this website where you can create your very own Mad Men avatar. I played around with it a bit, and I’d say it’s pretty spot on.

This one might me slightly more accurate. Hmm, any guesses as to why this might be??

Check out my other creations below. You can Mad Men yourself here.

A Quick Hello!

Hey guys! So I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been super busy with this semester and my new job. I’m having fun adjusting to all the exciting changes in my life.

Just thought I’d drop by to say hello! 

Obama at the HRC’s Annual National Dinner – 2011

I know Obama’s speech at the Human Rights Campaign’s Annual National Dinner got some attention from the press recently and I’m glad it did. Obama joked about Lady Gaga but really conveyed his support for marriage equality and other LGBT issues.

I must admit, although I know it’s all politics, it’s amazing to see such progress in the attitudes of some of our political leaders, including the President and Fist Lady Michelle Obama. I’m glad that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is done with and it is my hope to continue to see a change in the attitudes of our society towards the LGBT community in America and around the world.

Check out the video above. “…Every single American — gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, transgender — every single American deserves to be treated equally in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of our society. It’s a pretty simple proposition.” – Obama at the HRC’s Annual National Dinner, 2011.

My AE Days Are Numbered!

There are a lot of major changes going on at work right now. I’m not sure if everyone at the store knows yet, but I’m sure they’ll find out within the next few days about some of the big changes.

I also wanted to mention to everyone in case they hadn’t heard that this will be my last week at the store. I’ve been working there since June 2009 and I’m sad to be leaving because I’ll miss all the associates at the store. It’s the first job I’ve had where it feels like a little family unit. Everyone asks me why I’m leaving and there are a few reasons, but the most important is simply because I have a new job opportunity that I’m taking.

My leaving the store is only part of some of the major changes at the store and I’m confident that my AE kids will adjust to changes just fine. In addition, you will all see some new faces and I know you’ll be warm and welcoming. After all, retail is all about constant change. Plus, I’ll visit often and we can hang out outside of the store.

I’m working all week, so I’m sure I’ll be working with everyone at least once. I’m sad to leave but I’m excited for the future.

Thor: Hammer Time.

I finally got around to watching Thor tonight.

I must admit I’m a sucker for the Marvel and DC movies. I can’t help it! I just think they’re cool!

I didn’t know much about Thor, the mythological character or the superhero, so everything was new and quite interesting. Mythology is kind of fun, anyway. Plus, the place wherever the gods live is so pretty! Loved the architecture and scenery. Other words fascinate me. Oh, and I love Natalie Portman in any role, but she makes a really great superhero damsel in distress love interest. The theory that the god of thunder has a huge hammer seemed kind of cheesy at first, but when I saw it in action, I immediately wanted to become a lesbian so I can have a hammer of my own.

There were scenes where the audio was just really loud and perhaps it was done to give a realistic effect of what it might be like if you were there in person….or you know, the theater I went to needs to get its act together. Either way, entertaining movie and funnier than I expected. Check it out!

What’s Up, Doc?

Cartoon Network came out with a new Looney Toons show. As a child, I grew up watching these cartoons and I loved them. I particularly liked Bugs Bunny and I liked Pepe Le’Pew, too. I was surprised and excited to see the classic characters redone and updated for the new show.

It’s not the same show; the new show is focused on the writing and plot in a contemporary style in contrast to the classic slapstick style of the old toons. They’re both entertaining but very separate. The Looney Tunes Show is actually really funny and clever, but in a different way than old Looney Toons.

I’ll always love the old cartoons, but much like with other things in life, I learn to adapt to the changes that come about, even when it comes to Bugs Bunny.

You can check out clips and episodes of The Looney Tunes show on the Cartoon Network website.

Blue Carpet

I loved Katy Perry’s “blue carpet” outfit for the Smurf’s premiere in NYC last week. It’s slightly campy and cute. I dig it.

I never watched the cartoons but I’ll probably get around to watching this movie. Plus, NPH is in it.