Knight and Day

So after modern dance class last night I went to The Block in Orange and finally got together with my friend Alex. I hadn’t seen him in a while and I just missed him, so it was nice to catch up just like old times.

We watched Knight and Day starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. (Btw, there were crazy lines for Eclipse. I felt tempted to yell “TEAM JACOB!” at the crowds, but I resisted.)

I thought it a good summer action flick. It felt like I was watching the action adventure I had always wanted to go on. (No, I don’t mean riding on a motorcycle being man-handled by Tom Cruise…maybe Zac Efron…that’s besides the point)

I liked how the movie was filmed in different countries. I just liked the variety. The plot was good and the acting was good, too. Tom Cruise IS a handsome man, even if he is a little coo-coo. I liked Cameron as a ditzy damsel.

Alex and I did food and music after the movie. T’was a good night. 🙂


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