Happy Birthday, USA! (cue the national anthem)

How was your fourth? Mine was different than any other year’s. I had to go into work for a few hours. I’m currently working at an American Eagle Outfitters store. I wasn’t too bummed I had to work since I got holiday pay. So I’m at work and it’s actually pretty busy, so time flies. I got off work at around 7:00PM, so when I got outside the sun was still out, which was nice.

I got home and was surprised to find my family having a BBQ at our house. We don’t usually hold events at our house, we’ll usually go to someone else’s house or have the event somewhere else. So I pull up to my driveway and my mom and dad are sitting on the front porch and my brother Dave and his girlfriend are grilling burgers and hot dogs…and corn. lol Apparently corn is a BBQ essential.

My brother Angel and his friends are all lounging and my littlest brother Gregory is nearby playing with a cousin. It was really nice to have my family together just enjoying our time together. I’ve always considered family very important.

Later on, I could hear fireworks being launched. My family bought little firecrackers and small fireworks that we light in our driveway. My siblings were all having a great time and I was standing next to my parents enjoying myself, too.

Okay, so we’re all having a kodak moment and BOOM! For some reason my Mexican neighbors all managed to bring very illegal fireworks into this country. How illegal, you may ask? HUGE fireworks. I’m talking Disneyland-big. Oh yeah! So Pepe across the street is launching these catastrophic fireworks (which detonate car alarms with it’s sonic boom, by the way) and although they’re launched from across the street, they are exploding right above my house. LOL MY house! Don’t get me wrong, they were beautiful in all their glory…but it felt a little too Hiroshima for my taste.

After the fireworks are over we all settle down and wind down from a nice day. And then it happened: I got a text from someone in my past and it felt like my world faded to black and there was a spotlight on this text and all my feelings were brought up and suddenly I’m expected to react to something I didn’t feel prepared for. It’s funny because I had been thinking about this past year and everything that’s happened and what do you know…it’s like there was a signal sent out. It always seems like my life is like a well composed symphony, including crescendos and fortissimos, but these intense moments, although make for a beautiful story, put a strain on my heart. Things just have a way of happening in my life. I realize that although a lot of what I go through is sometimes difficult, I find myself having the most amazingly beautiful moments. I guess you can’t have your highs without your lows.

I’m curious to know how things will turn out and what my future has in store, but for now, I just enjoy life day to day.


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