Fun in the Sun

So before watching Inception with my brothers the other day, we decided to go into a photo booth. It was so much fun! I’m glad I’ve been going out as much as I have. I’m trying to really enjoy summertime and just have a good time.

My brother David (in the white shirt) is 18 and my brother Angel (in the beanie) is 14. I have another little 11-year-old brother named Gregory. We all get along and they remind me about the importance of family. Growing up, I had to help raise my little brothers so I’ve really grown to understand just how difficult parenting is. Considering I decide to adopt children later on in life, I hope to be a good father. I feel like I have the makings of a really great dad. I know I’ll love my kids. I love my dad, but my mom has truly shown me what it means to be a good parent; she’s always been my hero.

Yay for family! Loveit.


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