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Raise Your Glass!

As you may or may not know, I love music artist Pink. I always have.

She stood out when she first came out as an R&B diva and then later unleashed her inner rockstar. Throughout the years I’ve enjoyed her music and her attitude. She’s just so no-nonsense and tough. It’s a fusion between feminine beauty and this sort of rough masculinity she exudes. I love how she’s open about her political views (check out the song she wrote for the president), her stance against conforming to a typical dumb bimbo or other stereotypes (yes, she’s a feminist), her efforts to promote empowerment, independence, strength, self-love and self-respect. She’s sexy and has killer lungs; she’s just an amazing vocalist. Her raspy belting is intoxicating. So yes, I’m a Pink fan.

Well! She released her newest music video for her latest single “Raise Your Glass.” Check it out:

Ugh. LOVEit!

**UPDATE: I think it’s great that Pink is pregnant! It was in the media that she and Christina Aguilera and Pink were friendly about being moms and even talked about setting up a playdate for the kids. Ugh. So cute. Also, it seems that VEVO doesn’t want the “Raise Your Glass” video on my blog, SO you can check out Pink’s video on YouTube 🙂


Team Coco


A few people know this about me, but I’m a big Conan O’Brien fan. I watched him do Late Night and the Tonight Show on NBC. I grew up watching him, so I was saddened when he went off the air. Well, he’s finally coming back and is premiering his show on TBS on Monday.

I love my Conans! Yes, Conans. It’s apparently how Arnold Schwarzenegger would pronounce Conan’s name.

I forget who it is, but there was a guest he had when he was on the Tonight Show that gave him the nickname “Coco.” It stuck and there was quite a following for “Team Coco.”

He made a surprise appearance on George Lopez’s “Lopez Tonight” and I was reminded why I love Conan! He’s the adorable goofy late night host with the large red hair. I totally dig his humor. Loveit.

Full episodes will be available on the network site Team Coco. Welcome back Conan! I’ll for sure be watching! 😀

Happy Birthday, Boo!

Today is my friend Jessica’s birthday! I’m so excited for her! We’ve been friends since we were kids. She’s one of my besties, so I hope she enjoys her day.

Love ya boo! ❤

November Is Here!

Oh-em-gee, you guys. Halloween weekend was so crazy this year. I had some fun times this weekend. This year I not only went to Knott’s Scary Farm (Haunt) but also checked out Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest. It was spook-tacular!

Now it’s over and I realized it’s November. Can you believe that?! Halloween just passed, Thanksgiving’s right around the corner and before you know it, it’s Christmas and New Year’s. A couple weeks later it’s my birthday! Ahhh!!

Tomorrow is an important day not only because I [and hopefully all of you] will be exercising my [and your] right to vote, but it’s also my good friend Jessica’s birthday! Should I play “Las Mañanitas” or “Birthday Sex” or “In Da Club” by 50. We’ll see what goes down. I’m actually working so I’ll have to join the party a little later than everyone, but better late than never!

You guys, I’m so exhausted. I haven’t gotten much sleep because I’ve been overwhelmed with homework. I recently started doing some more writing and broadened my writing to include some poetry, so it’s an exciting time of exploration and growth. Maybe I’ll post something on here sometime. Hmm…maybe.

It’s very difficult to wake up as it is early in the morning, but it’s especially difficult to wake up to work out. It was like the eternal battle between good and evil this morning. Yoga was great, but now at the end of the day, I’m worn out.

I have an early work out scheduled for tomorrow. Ugh, wish me luck!