About Me

Hey guys!

This is a biography page where you can learn a little bit about me and what I’m all about.

I’m originally from Orange County in southern California. I grew up in Santa Ana, CA with my parents and three younger brothers. At an early age I was drawn to performing arts; I’ve always loved acting, singing, and dancing. In high school I got an opportunity to explore these interests and really grow as a performer. When I was younger I excelled in academics and now, in college, I’m back on track. I’m a communications major at Santa Ana College and I’m also on the Honors Program.

Throughout the years, I’ve learned so much about family, friendship, love and romance. My life has been…exciting, to say the least.

I love film, TV, music, fashion, FOOD, traveling, and the people in my life.

This blog is about my life and all the little things that make me laugh or cry and everything in between.