Hot Tottie: Nick Ayler

So periodically I like talking about men. Hot men. For no reason at all.

Today’s hot tottie is Nick Ayler.

I really don’t know much about Mr. Ayler. And, to be honest, I don’t think I need to know much about him. These pictures will do.

He graced the cover of DNA magazine, and he did so quite exquisitely. Yum.


LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s

So it seems our lovely Lauren Conrad has been busy designing and working on her latest line which has been released and sold exclusively at Kohl’s. She originally designed a collection that got her feet wet in the fashion world and I’m glad she’s decided to move in the direction she has. A lot of people may not have taken her very seriously as a designer, but her latest collection, I think, really proves she should be designing clothes [on top of everything else she has going on].

Although I don’t shop at Kohl’s, I know a lot of young girls who may watch the Hills or just be a Lauren Conrad fans do shop at Kohl’s. What it says to me is that it’s accessible. It’s not an intimidating designer approach. It’s tangible and it’s a smart move, Miss LC.

I love that Lauren has decided to model her own clothes. Another smart move. The collection is pretty cute and current. It follows trends without being too much or going too far. It looks comfortable and chic and it’s a style women of a wider age group can wear.

Much like Lauren Conrad, I have hopes of branching out and building an empire. Shh, let’s keep between you and I, though. 😉

You can check out her entire collection and find out more about LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s here.

Back to School: Yoga and Eye Candy

School is back in session and let me tell you, I’m ready for Fall fashion. So needless to say, I was so excited to finally be able to try out some of the outfits in my closet. I have some really great sweaters and some outerwear that I’ve been dying to wear out. That’s all fine and dandy except…it’s like a thousand degrees outside.

My goodness, it’s been freakin’ hot! I’ve had to modify some of my looks to deal with the heat. Don’t get me wrong, I love sunny southern California and fun in the sun, but I have classes in the morning and I’m out and about during the peak heat moments. Well, I’ve been trying to make the best of it. Even though school’s started, it still kind of feels like summer. I went swimming over at Jessica’s recently and I’ve been able to have some really great times. It’s kind of weird that I’ve had some really great summer moments when it’s coming to an end. Well, I think I’ll just enjoy them either way.

It’s been tough to register for classes this fall. I got most of the classes I need, but there are a few that I haven’t had luck with. Rejection feels so strange! It’s awful. But here’s what I foresee happening, based on my experiences, the professor who rejected me will later fall in love with me. LOL

I still need to buy textbooks and a few materials. Oh! I’m taking yoga this semester! I’m so excited! I’ve never taken a yoga class and I’ve always wanted to. I need to pick out a cute yoga mat and little yoga mat sling. So cute.

So after an awkward first week of school, sitting through introductions and reviewing syllabi, I’m glad it’s out of the way and we can really get into the material and get some work done. I think I have one of those personalities that I like getting “in the zone” and there’s no stopping me.

There are some interesting things I’ve noticed this semester about my school:

  1. There are many more attractive people on campus than ever before! Every day as I’m walking around I always think, “Wow, what happened? Eye candy.”
  2. While noticing how many hot guys are on campus, I also noticed that it seems like most of the black guys at my school are in sports. Why is it that most black guys at my school are part of the athletics department?
  3. Men’s athletics at school are made up of mostly black guys and white guys. And a few Latinos, of course. Most of women’s athletics are mostly white girls. LOL Just strange.
  4. I’m an honors student, and being in an honors class has its pros and cons. It’s a smaller setting, so there’s a greater opportunity to have discussions about the material and really understand and learn about what’s going on in the class. It’s also nice to not feel like the smartest student in the room.There are a lot of really bright minds in the honors classes and I often find myself challenged by my peers, which is great. As far as the disadvantages of being in an honors class…well, how can I put this…some of my peers, although very smart, aren’t exactly what you’d describe as…cool. Or social. I think there are some people that are just so smart that they aren’t concerned with being cool or looking “fashionable” or whatever since they’ll be ruling the world later on. [I, of course would rather do it all!] I’m really not too concerned with what everyone’s wearing, but it is a bit strange having socially awkward people in a small setting.

I’m glad the semester has begun and I know it’s going to be a great one! I like school, so I’m excited for the next sixteen weeks and I’m especially excited for yoga. The eye candy isn’t too bad either.

Coked Up Gaga?

Have you guys seen the September issue of Vanity Fair? Lady Gaga looks a little less than sober but still great. There are some beautiful shots inside.

Gaga apparently talks about doing cocaine and possibly off a Bible? She also talks about celibacy and her vagina. Kids, I wish I were making all of this up. lol Well, she mentions how she hopes her fans will not try to emulate her during her lows. Whether Gaga is coked up or not, she looks quite iconic in the shoot.

Kim Kardashian: My Long-Lost Twin?

It seems that Kim Kardashian and I have a lot more in common than I thought. No, I’m not referring to our large behinds, fake [fierce] hair, or perfectly bronzed skin. No, I’m also not referring to our cell phone obsession, fame crave, or ethnic ambiguity. I’m talking about her lovers! No, we haven’t dated the same guys, but I mean c’mon…Reggie Bush? Okay, here we go…

Oh…my…JESUS! This is EXACTLY what I mean. See that moment? That’s what I’m talking about. A little déjà vu.

This just looks like something I’d do.

Reggie Bush, why are you so attractive? Why?!!

Déjà vu aside, her taste in men (more specifically, THIS man) is impeccable. Kim and Reggie have split up, which is fine by me. I know Reggie’s received a lot of heat over something related to USC and football…I don’t really know (care), all I know is that he’s a major-league hottie.

So there you have it. Kim Kardashian: long-lost twin? Perhaps.

Sexy Soccer: Yum.

I mentioned in another post that although I’m not really a sports fan, I found that there’s something wonderful about the FIFA World Cup 2010. The world-wide message of unity, you say? Sure. But more importantly: sexy soccer players!!

Good Lord, it’s like I woke up one day and realized “oh yeahhhh!!” Think of the athletes! Okay, so I’ve been doing some research and believe me, I found some amazingly HOT material. It seems like Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be the poster child of sexy soccer. Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair’s June 2010 issue.

Oh, Cristiano Ronaldo. He looks flawless. Epitome of masculine sexuality. I can already tell this is going to be another one of those posts about sexy men for no reason at all.

Sexy men in underwear? Why not?! lol These are a few of the Emporio Armani shots.

It seems that Rafa Marquez is another soccer hottie.

Benny Feilhaber, Oguchi Onyewu, and Jonathan Spector, all on the American team, are also part of this elite society of hotties.

Okay, so as I was researching, I came across this hottie: Benny Feilhaber. Now it isn’t just his striking good looks that caught me eye. Apparently this cutie acquired some attention on YouTube. He was uhm…lip syncing for his life! LOL watch the hilarious video here.

He’s soooooooooooooooooo cute! Listen Benny Feilhaber, let’s be friends. Contact me. 😉

Okay, having seen all these cuties, I came across one soccer player that I believe has become my favorite.

I present to you: Oguchi Onyewu. He’s adorable!! (Look at that smile! Aww!!) Okay, now he isn’t only cute in a dorky cheesy smile sort of a way…oh no, he’s SEXY.

I hear a black girl in the distance saying, “DAYUM!” Oh wait, that was me.

Onyewu is clapping, and I am clapping for Onyewu.

Look at that man-on-man lovin’. What have I been missing out on?! No one told me this is what soccer included! (Dreamcometrue.)

Okay…are you ready? Okay, I think I’m ready too…


Okay, so maybe I wasn’t ready. I think I pulled a muscle just looking at these pictures. OM(freakin’)G!

(BIG sigh) Wow. I feel like I have a whole new appreciation for soccer. If you like entries like these bookmark my page or subscribe. I [think] write about sexy men all the time! (haha) Yum.

Goo-Goo for Gaga?

Alright gays and gals [and possibly straight guys?] let’s talk about Gaga. Yes, we’re gaying it up a notch.

Lady Gaga is on the July 2010 cover of Rolling Stone magazine. She’s sporting that blonde bob we’ve been seeing lately (watch the Alejandro video, you’ll see her sporting an ultra-blonde bowl haircut). I’m not crazy about the short hair. But she looks all sorts of fierce on the cover, doesn’t she? Okay, here’s what I have to say: Gaga is a genius. She’s a really talented artist and all of her weird “I’m gonna wear muppets as an evening gown” thing worked because the gays love her and the rest of the county is coming along. Attention celebrities: if you support the gays, we will catapult you into super-stardom.

I (as well as several fashion magazines) wouldn’t nominate Gaga as a best-dressed celebrity, but she’s being weird and artsy, which I do love. Her music’s catchy and caters to gays who just wanna dance! Even if her music videos are ten minute-long mini-movies (ahem…Telephone and Alejandro). She’s well-liked in the media and a large chunk of the gay population in the US have sworn allegiance to her. It’s a little creepy, the whole mindless drone follower thing, but each their own.

The fact is Gaga is now an icon. She has a huge following and her fans, the “little monsters,” are super loyal. Okay, but here’s what I don’t get: why is it that people (I’m talking to you, gays.) find a need to choose between divas. Remember way back in the day (I was in middle school) when it was Britney versus Christina? And then it was…what? Lindsay versus Hilary? (How embarrassing, right?) I mean, really people? “Oh but they’re so similar! Who’s copying whom?” Oh shut up! lol Lady Gaga’s an original in many ways, I don’t think many people are arguing that. However, Gaga, as well as many other artists, draw creative inspiration from various sources including other artists. In Gaga’s recent work we see TONS of Madonna references. We can’t associate all leather couture extreme fashion with Gaga, that’s just silly. What if…now, stay with me gays…what IF…it’s possible to like one artist independently from another artist. Wow…I think I just heard a few lightbulbs go off. Let everyone do their thing and enough with the rivalries. Talent speaks for itself and these artists are constantly changing, anyway.

I’d love to work with Gaga someday. Hmm…I wonder if we’d click. (I can hear her now, saying, “Don’t call me Gaga.”) 😛

Kellan Lutz: Bite Me.

When I first watched Twilight there was a certain vampire that stood out to me, and it wasn’t Rob Pattinson. I present to you: Kellan Lutz.

Oh, Kellan! He’s the tall athletic one. Isn’t he dreamy? I guess he would fall under the category of “my type.” He just looks the part! lol

Although I do feel Taylor Lautner holds the key to my Twilight heart, Kellan is just such a hottie!

I also saw Kellan on Nightmare on Elm Street. I thought his role was too short. He looked great, though.

“They’re just so complex, and I like to laugh and smile.”

– Kellan Lutz when asked about Twilight co-stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Kellan, I too like to laugh and smile. We have so much in common…wow, this is all happening so fast! 😛

OM[freakin’]G! When I saw this picture I felt like I died and was in Twilight heaven. Yum.

Angelina the Conqueror

Okay, so how gorgeous does Angelina look for the August 2010 issue?? Simply amazing.

Apparently Jolie opens up about her personal life including her children saying that her little girl Shiloh dresses like a boy from time to time. I think this is fantastic. I love Angelina! I think I like new humanitarian posh mommy Angelina more so than scary goth dominatrix making-out-with-my-brother Angelina.

Simply gorgeous. I LOVED her in Changeling. (Who’s with me? lol)

Check out Vanity Fair to subscribe or read the interview with Angelina.

Fine Fresh Fierce

California Girl Katy Perry poses for Esquire magazine and, my goodness, she looks sexy! I’m a Katy Perry fan. When I first heard “I Kissed a Girl” I thought, “Oh GOD.” but eventually it grew on me and so did her other singles like “Hot and Cold,” “Waking Up in Vegas,” and especially “Thinking of You.”

Now she’s released her newest single “California Gurls” featuring rapper Snoop Dogg. She’s releasing her new album this year. I loved the California Gurls video!! [Click on the image above to watch the California Gurls video.] It was cute and funny. It reminded me of my friend Nikki (yeah, the one that also reminds me of Whitney Port). Nikki’s so hilarious! I haven’t seen her in a while, I think I need to do something about this.

I’m actually excited to see what Katy Perry has in store for her next album. I liked her debut album a lot, so I hope she has the same level of variety. But for now I’m going to continue singing and dancing “FINE, FRESH, FIERCE, we got it on LOCK!”