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Goo-Goo for Gaga?

Alright gays and gals [and possibly straight guys?] let’s talk about Gaga. Yes, we’re gaying it up a notch.

Lady Gaga is on the July 2010 cover of Rolling Stone magazine. She’s sporting that blonde bob we’ve been seeing lately (watch the Alejandro video, you’ll see her sporting an ultra-blonde bowl haircut). I’m not crazy about the short hair. But she looks all sorts of fierce on the cover, doesn’t she? Okay, here’s what I have to say: Gaga is a genius. She’s a really talented artist and all of her weird “I’m gonna wear muppets as an evening gown” thing worked because the gays love her and the rest of the county is coming along. Attention celebrities: if you support the gays, we will catapult you into super-stardom.

I (as well as several fashion magazines) wouldn’t nominate Gaga as a best-dressed celebrity, but she’s being weird and artsy, which I do love. Her music’s catchy and caters to gays who just wanna dance! Even if her music videos are ten minute-long mini-movies (ahem…Telephone and Alejandro). She’s well-liked in the media and a large chunk of the gay population in the US have sworn allegiance to her. It’s a little creepy, the whole mindless drone follower thing, but each their own.

The fact is Gaga is now an icon. She has a huge following and her fans, the “little monsters,” are super loyal. Okay, but here’s what I don’t get: why is it that people (I’m talking to you, gays.) find a need to choose between divas. Remember way back in the day (I was in middle school) when it was Britney versus Christina? And then it was…what? Lindsay versus Hilary? (How embarrassing, right?) I mean, really people? “Oh but they’re so similar! Who’s copying whom?” Oh shut up! lol Lady Gaga’s an original in many ways, I don’t think many people are arguing that. However, Gaga, as well as many other artists, draw creative inspiration from various sources including other artists. In Gaga’s recent work we see TONS of Madonna references. We can’t associate all leather couture extreme fashion with Gaga, that’s just silly. What if…now, stay with me gays…what IF…it’s possible to like one artist independently from another artist. Wow…I think I just heard a few lightbulbs go off. Let everyone do their thing and enough with the rivalries. Talent speaks for itself and these artists are constantly changing, anyway.

I’d love to work with Gaga someday. Hmm…I wonder if we’d click. (I can hear her now, saying, “Don’t call me Gaga.”) 😛