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True Blood: Bitingly Good

Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, and Alexander Skarsgård were on the cover of Rolling Stone a little while ago and they looks gruesomely sexy.

I finished watching season 3 of True Blood. The whole vampire-warewolf thing is a little overdone everywhere, but for some reason I can’t quite stop watching. Now they’re introducing other mythological creatures into the series; it’s interesting.

I haven’t read the books but a close friend has and there are obviously some changes made. Can someone tell me what’s up with Lafayete and the whole nurse witchcraft? Sookie’s light? The crazy Fellowship of the Sun people. It’s crazy. But it’s addicting! Something that I really like about the show is how they incorporate the 1940’s glamour into the show. It’s subtle and mostly seen in the vampire community in the show. It’s lovely.

I like Jessica the new vampire, portrayed by Deborah Ann Woll. (I can see lesbians really falling for this straight girl. I can see might have the same effect on younger guys). Even though she starts off as a bratty character, I like her growth.

And I also really loved Pam, Eric’s vampire prodigy, played by Kristin Bauer. She’s hilarious and bitingly witty and bitchy. Reminds me of someone I know. Hmm…

I especially loved Talbot, Russell consort; he was especially sexy. His feminine air was charming and I thought he made for a sexy vampire. He was also quite sassy, which you know I loved.

The actor’s name is Theo Alexander, which I found looks quite different than his character in real life.

It looks like I’ll have to wait till next summer to find out what happens next. Oh, HBO, you’re such a tease.

True Blood: Truly Addicting?

So I’ve always heard a lot of positive things about HBO’s hit show True Blood, but I’ve never watched it. That is, until tonight. Oh yes, I’ve popped my True Blood cherry, and let me tell you, I have a good feeling about this. 😉

With the whole vampire craze, True Blood gained a lot of popularity (even Snoop Dog referenced the show in one of his…charming raps). So I only watched the pilot, but I liked it. The show is set in Louisiana, which is a whole different world on it’s own. I felt a love/hate feeling towards the two in-your-face black characters. Tara Thomton, played by Rutina Wesley, is a very angry black woman. She has a whole lot of attitude and she’ll cut a bitch. So you know I love her, although when it comes to strong personalities it can really go either way. And then there’s Lafayette Reynolds, played by Nelsan Ellis. Lafayette is a very sassy black gay man who tells it like it is and is completely unfiltered. Love my black people.

Sookie Stackhouse, played by Anna Paquin, is a cute but strong southern girl. She lives in a world where vampires exist and came out publicly as members of society, but much like…say…the GAYS, they aren’t exactly embraced by society, so there are social movements to try and bring equality to all members of societies including these blood-sucking cold beings (and I’m not talking about the gays). I’m totally kidding, by the way. I absolutely LOVE gay people! Gays and lesbians (and transgender, gender queer, etc) are my peeps. We have been through so much and we have so much ahead of us. Instead of attacking each other and trying to put each other down we should come together and accept and embrace who we are, love one another and change the world.

So back to Sookie, I like her but her litle Madonna gap between her front teeth drives me crazy! Super cute, though. She becomes interested in Bill Compton, played by Stephen Moyer, who is the new vampire to move in to the little town Sookie lives in. His reserved and mysterious nature lures bright-eyed and bushy tailed Sookie in. (Sookie, not orange, dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks, Jersey Shore guida Snookie, who is a tragedy all on her own, face-punching aside.)

So I like the show, but I’m not sure about all the sass in this sweaty southern small town. I can’t exactly relate, but it makes for an interesting story and I want to continue watching. We’ll see just how addicting True Blood is. 🙂