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New Year, New Outlook

It’s a new year and my life, as usual, is continually changing.

Life’s constant evolutionary cycles fascinate me and I find myself enjoying life everyday.

I know some of you have been aching to know what’s been going on in my life. I apologize for the brief hiatus on my blog, but I’ve been busy enjoying life! If you follow me on twitter or are my friend on Facebook then you’ve been somewhat updated on some of my adventures. If not, check out the newly updated menu at the top of the page and check me out!

I’d also like to announce that I’ve made some changes to the site, in case you haven’t noticed and I’ve launched a video on vimeo. I find I can surpass the stupid music property laws that youtube has on vimeo. I want to keep this blog fun and interesting and some time to time a bit personal so you guys know what’s going on with me. Tell me what you think about the changes!

I’ll have more of a chance to update now that the semester is starting again and I will once again find myself avoiding homework and procrastinating, pretending deadlines don’t exist and pulling all-nighters. No, I intend on being more on top of things this semester. Last semester went well and I’m glad I earned good grades. I’m excited for this new semester and I look forward to discovering my professors and new courses.

I’m taking math (shoot-me-please), psychology: adulthood and aging, TV/film, Chicano history (gotta get in touch with my ROOTS, ese), and Shakespeare. Yes, I know, Shakespeare. Some have asked why I would do such a thing to myself. Others have looked at me with pity and sorrow. I’ve decided to take the class because 1) it fulfills a general education requirement to transfer and 2) I really haven’t read or studied a lot of shakespeare. In high school I read the basic plays and I’ve even seen a few plays, but it wasn’t until my lit class last semester that I actually got a chance to review form and study a lot of poetry, including Shakespeare. So yes, the idealist student in me actually cares about learning and I feel I can greatly benefit from this class, not to mention find that it’s yet another challenge I step up to. EducatedGay.

I took a trip out to Las Vegas last month. I went with some friends and it was an amazing trip!

There was, of course, plenty of drinking and fun, but we kept it classy and watched Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian. Holy…smokes. It was…unbelievably good. The theater itself was beautiful and all the effects and music and simply everything was just so good. I’m so glad everything worked out so well. Vegas proved to be a very relaxing and sort of care-free experience. Ugh. Loveit.

Christmas was really great. I spent it with family and it was just really rewarding and special to take the time to spend time with people I love. New Year’s was fun. I spent it with friends at a party in LA. It was a fun festive season!

There have been some really crazy changes going on in my personal life. There are many times where I feel acutely conflicted internally and others when I’ll feel in almost perfect harmony with the world. It’s almost as if there’s been a thorn in my heart and I just ignore it most of the time, but sooner or later I’ll have to deal with it and tend to the wound. I hope I’m ready when that day comes.

I’ve gotten some feedback saying people enjoy reading about my life on this blog, so here you are! Haha

I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday season. Any year’s resolutions? Mine’s to carpe diem and maybe do a little traveling. I have another Vegas trip coming up next month. It has hot-tranny-mess written all over it. Loveit.



Labor Day Weekend!

Hi kids!

Happy Labor Day! I had a crazy labor day weekend. Friday night a few friends and I went out to a bar in Long Beach called Panama Joe’s and got VIP seating, prices, and food! Who knew food at a bar would be so delicious!

Saturday I attended a wedding with Tony. Let me tell you…this wedding celebration was authentically Mexican. No joke. Not only was delicious Mexican food served, but there was a live Spanish band performing and at one point there were traditional Chinelo dancers. Drums and trumpets, people jumping and dancing, it was quite the celebration.

After the wedding party we went to another AE party. It was a mardi gras theme and we got there way too early. Well, before long everyone arrived including some “hot totties.” Everyone was up in arms about hot guys at the party. It was a lot of fun.

But that, my friends, was not the end of Saturday night. Oh, no! We went out to a club in Anaheim afterwards where there were many many latino boys and girls. Last time I went to this club I was a bit “outspoken” and in a peculiar mood. This time around I was surprised to find that I ran into a a few guys I’ve dated. It was terribly awkward at first, but as usual, the party went on and I just had a good time. Oh! Tony and I decided to check out the dance floor on the second level and were pleasantly surprised to find a Mexican drag queen [more like tranny] lip syncing a Spanish ballad. How do I know it was a tranny, you may ask? Because she had boobs. In fact, she had one out and wearing a pastie. Oh yeah! Oh, and she was speaking rapid-fire Spanish that went a little something like this:

“blahblahblahblah-PENDEJA! blahblahblahblah-CULERO! blahblahPINCHEblahblah blahCONCHA– blahblahblah-NO-SE-CREAN-blahblahblahPUTA! blahblah-VIVAMEXICO!!!

The crowd went wild and were laughing their asses off. I was just trying to keep up but I was very entertained. Is there a Mexican version of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” perhaps? Hmm…maybe I should create it! Genius!

It turned out to be quite an eventful night for both of us and it was a great time.

Last Wednesday we also paid Club Lucky a visit at the House of Blues in Anaheim. That was also a wild and crazy fun night. I busted out my destroyed white skinny jeans. Let me just say this: those jeans can get me into a lot of trouble or get me cast in a reality TV show. 🙂

I’ve been pretty busy with school and setting up classes. I’m glad I have a set schedule now and I hope next semester I’ll be able to get all the classes I need to transfer. Selling textbooks has also taken up a bit of my time.

I post flyers around school advertising my textbooks from last semester and I sell them to students directly. Uhm…selling textbooks feels a lot like selling drugs. “Hey, did you bring it?” “Where can I meet you?” “Could you cut me a deal?” “What are you wearing? I’ll meet you by the building.” Talk about SUPER shady business. But in selling my textbooks I also learned that I’m an honest businessman. I try and help my fellow students make sure they’re buying the correct textbook. I’m SUCH a Mother Theresa. My good friend Jessica once told me, “You’re like…a female Jesus.”

So even with all the going out, I constantly find myself thinking about what I have to do the next day and how much homework I have. It’s sad to think that while I’m shaking what my momma gave me I’m also thinking about writing reports for my speech communication class. Hmm…

They had a great sale at my workplace for the weekend. It was 20% off all merchandize. I know a lot of stores had some great sales. Did anyone take advantage?

Oh, I decided to give up soda and try to eat healthier. I think this is my second week and although it’s difficult, it feels good make that effort. It’s kind of odd because it feels like I’m learning how to eat all over again. I’ve just been talking about getting healthy for a while and I wanted to take some steps in maintaing a healthier diet without going overboard with a crazy cleanse or something. I’m also staying active with my yoga class and I attended a dance class last week that nearly killed me, but it was an extraordinary workout. Step by step, I’m getting there.

Hope the weekend was good for everyone, too.

The Real L Word: Lovin’ Lesbians

Let’s talk about lesbians! I love lesbians. I know that there’s this weird unspoken understanding that for some reason gays and lesbians don’t always mix well. Something about gays liking girly girls who like men and lesbians not feeling the flaming queens…but you know what? I say get over it, people!

We’re all gay and we should work together to educate the rest of the world.

So I’ve been watching Showtime’s “The Real L Word,” a reality spin-off of its popular lesbian drama “The L Word.” I absolutely LOVED the L Word. It’s by far one of my favorite shows of all time. I like how it’s written, the way it’s shot, the acting, the weird unknown music, the insight to lesbian culture, and the characters are so solid. I love it!

Well, I wasn’t so sure how I’d feel about a reality spin-off of the show. I mean, I love The Hills and other reality shows, but I wasn’t sure how this was going to work, exactly. Specially when originally the spin-off would be a drama about one of the main characters: Alice. Well, either way, I’m actually really enjoying The Real L Word. It’s a completely different show with a different feel, mainly because it’s unscripted.

At first I was trying to pinpoint who’s who in the show, then I realized that it’s not like The L Word, these women have their own personalities. I see fusions of different L Word characters in some of the women. They’re all cool and I like all the main gals. Plus, it’s so cool that they shoot in a lot of the places where I’ve been or hang out. It’s set in LA and you see places where I have had my own memories or drama or whatever (ahem, THE ABBEY).

So I give The Real L Word a thumbs up. It’s not like The L Word, so L Word fans, please don’t turn on me. It’s a separate idea and different tone to the flow of the show, but it’s cool. So watch!


Yesterday I finally got a chance to watch Inception. I have been wanting to watch this movie for a while. I was fascinated by the previews of the movie in the trailers and, actually, right after watching the first trailer my immediate thought was, “Damn, why wasn’t I cast in this movie?!” lol It just looks so cool! Visually stunning and such an intriguing idea.

I thought Leonardo DiCaprio did a great job as the leading man. I believed him. I was very pleased with the casting. To my surprise, Ellen Page wasn’t awkward or goofy or quirky at all. I thought her performance showed versatility and I think that’ll work in her favor. Plus, she’s super-cute! (Am I right, lesbians?) Yeah, for some reason the lesbians LOVE Ellen Page.

I thought the idea of dream layers were very cool and I found the action scenes to be quite suspenseful. I felt the acting was great and the directing was also great. There was a certain elegance to the photography. I just thought it was beautiful in all it’s weirdness. After hearing feedback from a few people, I was concerned I might feel confused after watching the movie, but it wasn’t very confusing at all. Everything made sense and I liked the ending. I felt like the director was flirting with me. lol

If you haven’t seen it already, you should check it out. One of the best movies I’ve watched this year.

[Here are a few other movie posters for the film that I found cool]

True Blood: Truly Addicting?

So I’ve always heard a lot of positive things about HBO’s hit show True Blood, but I’ve never watched it. That is, until tonight. Oh yes, I’ve popped my True Blood cherry, and let me tell you, I have a good feeling about this. 😉

With the whole vampire craze, True Blood gained a lot of popularity (even Snoop Dog referenced the show in one of his…charming raps). So I only watched the pilot, but I liked it. The show is set in Louisiana, which is a whole different world on it’s own. I felt a love/hate feeling towards the two in-your-face black characters. Tara Thomton, played by Rutina Wesley, is a very angry black woman. She has a whole lot of attitude and she’ll cut a bitch. So you know I love her, although when it comes to strong personalities it can really go either way. And then there’s Lafayette Reynolds, played by Nelsan Ellis. Lafayette is a very sassy black gay man who tells it like it is and is completely unfiltered. Love my black people.

Sookie Stackhouse, played by Anna Paquin, is a cute but strong southern girl. She lives in a world where vampires exist and came out publicly as members of society, but much like…say…the GAYS, they aren’t exactly embraced by society, so there are social movements to try and bring equality to all members of societies including these blood-sucking cold beings (and I’m not talking about the gays). I’m totally kidding, by the way. I absolutely LOVE gay people! Gays and lesbians (and transgender, gender queer, etc) are my peeps. We have been through so much and we have so much ahead of us. Instead of attacking each other and trying to put each other down we should come together and accept and embrace who we are, love one another and change the world.

So back to Sookie, I like her but her litle Madonna gap between her front teeth drives me crazy! Super cute, though. She becomes interested in Bill Compton, played by Stephen Moyer, who is the new vampire to move in to the little town Sookie lives in. His reserved and mysterious nature lures bright-eyed and bushy tailed Sookie in. (Sookie, not orange, dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks, Jersey Shore guida Snookie, who is a tragedy all on her own, face-punching aside.)

So I like the show, but I’m not sure about all the sass in this sweaty southern small town. I can’t exactly relate, but it makes for an interesting story and I want to continue watching. We’ll see just how addicting True Blood is. 🙂

Goo-Goo for Gaga?

Alright gays and gals [and possibly straight guys?] let’s talk about Gaga. Yes, we’re gaying it up a notch.

Lady Gaga is on the July 2010 cover of Rolling Stone magazine. She’s sporting that blonde bob we’ve been seeing lately (watch the Alejandro video, you’ll see her sporting an ultra-blonde bowl haircut). I’m not crazy about the short hair. But she looks all sorts of fierce on the cover, doesn’t she? Okay, here’s what I have to say: Gaga is a genius. She’s a really talented artist and all of her weird “I’m gonna wear muppets as an evening gown” thing worked because the gays love her and the rest of the county is coming along. Attention celebrities: if you support the gays, we will catapult you into super-stardom.

I (as well as several fashion magazines) wouldn’t nominate Gaga as a best-dressed celebrity, but she’s being weird and artsy, which I do love. Her music’s catchy and caters to gays who just wanna dance! Even if her music videos are ten minute-long mini-movies (ahem…Telephone and Alejandro). She’s well-liked in the media and a large chunk of the gay population in the US have sworn allegiance to her. It’s a little creepy, the whole mindless drone follower thing, but each their own.

The fact is Gaga is now an icon. She has a huge following and her fans, the “little monsters,” are super loyal. Okay, but here’s what I don’t get: why is it that people (I’m talking to you, gays.) find a need to choose between divas. Remember way back in the day (I was in middle school) when it was Britney versus Christina? And then it was…what? Lindsay versus Hilary? (How embarrassing, right?) I mean, really people? “Oh but they’re so similar! Who’s copying whom?” Oh shut up! lol Lady Gaga’s an original in many ways, I don’t think many people are arguing that. However, Gaga, as well as many other artists, draw creative inspiration from various sources including other artists. In Gaga’s recent work we see TONS of Madonna references. We can’t associate all leather couture extreme fashion with Gaga, that’s just silly. What if…now, stay with me gays…what IF…it’s possible to like one artist independently from another artist. Wow…I think I just heard a few lightbulbs go off. Let everyone do their thing and enough with the rivalries. Talent speaks for itself and these artists are constantly changing, anyway.

I’d love to work with Gaga someday. Hmm…I wonder if we’d click. (I can hear her now, saying, “Don’t call me Gaga.”) 😛

Kathy Griffin: My Favorite Gay Man

Okay, I want to to talk about one of my favorite people: Kathy Griffin.

Who’s been watching My Life on the D-list this season? Hilarious! Liza! Kiddie pageants! And next week: Lauren Conrad?! Ugh! Two of my favorite people together! Loveit. So I’ve been enjoying the show this season (I’m such a sucker for Bravo shows).

I’ve always wanted to see Kathy live, so hopefully I’ll get a chance to do that when she’s back in town. Doesn’t she live in LA? Someone should arrange a meet and greet. It’ll be such an amazing experience for Kathy, I’m sure.

She did a shoot with gay hunk photographer Mike Ruiz where she posed as Betty Paige. She looks spectacular!

Oh Kathy!

I haven’t read her book “Official Book Club Selection” yet but I’m thinking of starting soon. Her mom Maggie Griffin also wrote a book! (Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit or the Holy Ghost, don’t even know what to call him nowadays…Goddamnit. Son of a bitch! hahahahaha)

Both Kathy and Maggie were signing their books and Kathy was wearing a mumu! LOL Maggie Griffin is great on the show.

Part of the reason why I love Kathy Griffin isn’t just because she’s hilarious at making fun of my favorite celebrities, but she’s like a gay man! She understand gay culture and the gays love her for it!

Check out Bravo TV for more info on My Life on the D-list or check out her site for more info!