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Next Read: Help Me Choose!

I like to read.

Okay, so it’s not like I’m gonna trade in my TV for a Barnes & Noble credit card, but I enjoy reading. Usually during the year I have a lot of reading to do for school. So during the semester, I don’t really do a lot of leisure reading. I have maybe a few weeks before the fall semester begins and I’d like to read something I’d find interesting or entertaining.

So as I was on a quest to find my next read, I think I narrowed down my choices to the next few:

  1. My first option is to read Lauren Conrad’s L.A. Candy [and probably Sweet Little Lies soon after that]. I have been DYING to read her book, not because I anticipate it’ll be a great work of art or because I’ve heard great things about it or even because for some reason Lauren will magically suddenly be my friend and we’ll be shopping together at South Coast Plaza. No! I’m just curious to read what it was like for her to film “The Hills” and have some sort of insight to the madness! Plus, it’s a teen read, so it’s bound to be fun and satisfy my teenage schoolgirl side.
  2. It’s no secret that I love Kathy Griffin. So naturally, I’ve been itching to read her book Official Book Club Selection [and possibly her mom, Maggie’s book later…TIP IT!]. Here are my reasons why I want to read this book: (1) I love the cover; Kathy looks great! Plus, it’s funny – tiara, red dress, sash…uhm she looks like she’s winning some sort of freakin’ beauty pageant. Loveit. (2) I love the title. It’s funny! Oprah, Kathy’s love/fear is unparalleled. (3) It’s Kathy Griffin and I’m gay. I think it’s in my contract. I HAVE to read it. How else will I graduate?
  3. Chelsea Handler’s Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang is my third option. I started watching “Chelsea Lately” on E! and let me tell you, Chelsea’s a funny lady. Her cynical sort of dry humor totally works for me. Plus, she has a little person as a sidekick, Chuy. She loves vodka, sex, and being in your face. Loveit.
  4. And then there’s Sarah Silverman’s The Bedwetter. As obnoxious and inappropriate Sarah Silverman may be, I think she’s funny and I’m interested in reading what she has to say and see what her life has been like. “When God gives you AIDS (because you know, God gives you AIDS)…make…lemonades.” LOL Oh, Sarah!

So there you have it guys! Help me choose! What do YOU think I should read next?

Help me choose! Vote NOW!

If you think I should read something else, leave a comment. Let the voting begin!


Kathy Griffin: My Favorite Gay Man

Okay, I want to to talk about one of my favorite people: Kathy Griffin.

Who’s been watching My Life on the D-list this season? Hilarious! Liza! Kiddie pageants! And next week: Lauren Conrad?! Ugh! Two of my favorite people together! Loveit. So I’ve been enjoying the show this season (I’m such a sucker for Bravo shows).

I’ve always wanted to see Kathy live, so hopefully I’ll get a chance to do that when she’s back in town. Doesn’t she live in LA? Someone should arrange a meet and greet. It’ll be such an amazing experience for Kathy, I’m sure.

She did a shoot with gay hunk photographer Mike Ruiz where she posed as Betty Paige. She looks spectacular!

Oh Kathy!

I haven’t read her book “Official Book Club Selection” yet but I’m thinking of starting soon. Her mom Maggie Griffin also wrote a book! (Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit or the Holy Ghost, don’t even know what to call him nowadays…Goddamnit. Son of a bitch! hahahahaha)

Both Kathy and Maggie were signing their books and Kathy was wearing a mumu! LOL Maggie Griffin is great on the show.

Part of the reason why I love Kathy Griffin isn’t just because she’s hilarious at making fun of my favorite celebrities, but she’s like a gay man! She understand gay culture and the gays love her for it!

Check out Bravo TV for more info on My Life on the D-list or check out her site for more info!