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LA Pride 2011

I know I’m missing LA Pride this weekend, but I refuse to go until I get my own float.

Pitcher? Catcher?

Mario Lopez: You better WORK, hun-ty.

NYE 2011: Pictures!

I present to you my friend JESSICA! ….and friends. She’s quite the beautiful focal point, isn’t she?

Here are some pictures from BootieLA. It was a fun night. My favorite part was probably talking to the hot dog ladies outside the club or our trip to the taco place after we got back to our hotel. A tip of the top hat to you! Cheers!

Bootie LA!

So this year for New Year’s Eve I’ll be attending a mash-up club NYE party in LA.

So it seems like it’s Lady Gaga meets Metallica sans the hipsters.

I think it’ll be fun. I already know what I’m wearing and it looks like we’ll be poppin’ champagne!

Check out the site for ticket info: Bootie Mashup