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I’m on the Edge….of Boredom.

Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” music video came out a few weeks ago and if you haven’t seen it, you’re probably better off not. It was tragically underwhelming. It felt like a half-assed, thrown together cheap gimmick with little thought. There’s no story; it’s monotonous and uninspiring. The worst part is that I really love the song itself.

Check out the video below: [if you must]

Someone created a far more enjoyable video with a gay-marriage message attributed to the anthemic melody. Check it out:

I want to say this to Lady Gaga: GET IT TOGETHER, BITCH. xo



I found this amazing artist João Paulo Tiago (Joapa). He’s created these Lady Gaga “chibis.” [You can enlarge the image by clicking on it.] Which one’s your favorite?

I kind of like the paparazzi Gaga.

You can check out the artist’s deviantART profile here.

Jesus is my virtue.

New music videos are poppin up everywhere! I figure I’d share some with you 😀

Judas-Juda-aaas! Yes, Lady Gaga has made yet another sacrilegious video: This time Jesus is actually in the video!

When I first heard Judas, I thought, it sounds good, kind of catchy. Alright. After listening to it a few times it really grew on me and Gaga’s subliminal messaging totally worked because I loved it! And THEN I was singing along to it and when it came to the bridge of the song I noticed something…kind of strange. You see, the lyrical content was…unusual. I know that the whole theme is revolving around Biblical figures like Judas and Jesus, but I guess I hadn’t listened carefully prior to that moment.

The bridge says: “I wanna love you, / but something’s pulling me away from you. / Jesus is my virtue, / and Judas is the demon I cling to. / I cling to!” Uhm…a little unsettling. What kind of demonic music was I listening to? I love it. She’s supposed to be provocative and controversial. I get it and I’m not offended. It was just a little eerie the first time I listened carefully.

The video came out and I thought it was really good!

Gaga and her weird-ass clothes and funny looking hats.

It was an interesting twist on the twelve disciples.

Was she Mary Magdalene or something? Who knows!

Plus, Jesus is hot.

Check out the video. I liked the costumes and the choreo. There were a lot of sacred hearts everywhere.


You can also watch it on youtube. Oh, that Gaga. I love that sacrilegious bitch!

Coked Up Gaga?

Have you guys seen the September issue of Vanity Fair? Lady Gaga looks a little less than sober but still great. There are some beautiful shots inside.

Gaga apparently talks about doing cocaine and possibly off a Bible? She also talks about celibacy and her vagina. Kids, I wish I were making all of this up. lol Well, she mentions how she hopes her fans will not try to emulate her during her lows. Whether Gaga is coked up or not, she looks quite iconic in the shoot.

Goo-Goo for Gaga?

Alright gays and gals [and possibly straight guys?] let’s talk about Gaga. Yes, we’re gaying it up a notch.

Lady Gaga is on the July 2010 cover of Rolling Stone magazine. She’s sporting that blonde bob we’ve been seeing lately (watch the Alejandro video, you’ll see her sporting an ultra-blonde bowl haircut). I’m not crazy about the short hair. But she looks all sorts of fierce on the cover, doesn’t she? Okay, here’s what I have to say: Gaga is a genius. She’s a really talented artist and all of her weird “I’m gonna wear muppets as an evening gown” thing worked because the gays love her and the rest of the county is coming along. Attention celebrities: if you support the gays, we will catapult you into super-stardom.

I (as well as several fashion magazines) wouldn’t nominate Gaga as a best-dressed celebrity, but she’s being weird and artsy, which I do love. Her music’s catchy and caters to gays who just wanna dance! Even if her music videos are ten minute-long mini-movies (ahem…Telephone and Alejandro). She’s well-liked in the media and a large chunk of the gay population in the US have sworn allegiance to her. It’s a little creepy, the whole mindless drone follower thing, but each their own.

The fact is Gaga is now an icon. She has a huge following and her fans, the “little monsters,” are super loyal. Okay, but here’s what I don’t get: why is it that people (I’m talking to you, gays.) find a need to choose between divas. Remember way back in the day (I was in middle school) when it was Britney versus Christina? And then it was…what? Lindsay versus Hilary? (How embarrassing, right?) I mean, really people? “Oh but they’re so similar! Who’s copying whom?” Oh shut up! lol Lady Gaga’s an original in many ways, I don’t think many people are arguing that. However, Gaga, as well as many other artists, draw creative inspiration from various sources including other artists. In Gaga’s recent work we see TONS of Madonna references. We can’t associate all leather couture extreme fashion with Gaga, that’s just silly. What if…now, stay with me gays…what IF…it’s possible to like one artist independently from another artist. Wow…I think I just heard a few lightbulbs go off. Let everyone do their thing and enough with the rivalries. Talent speaks for itself and these artists are constantly changing, anyway.

I’d love to work with Gaga someday. Hmm…I wonder if we’d click. (I can hear her now, saying, “Don’t call me Gaga.”) 😛