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MacBook Pro: LoveLove

MacBook Pro

So I wanted to mention how I finally got a MacBook Pro this semester and I’m so glad I did! I absolutely LOVE my MacBook. I have the 13″ size; I figured I should get a laptop that’s kind of like me: a bit compact and chic. LOL!

I have converted from a PC to a Mac and I’m lovin’ it!

I often thought about blogging on my new laptop about random things I found interesting. And here we are! Maybe it won’t be exactly the Carrie Bradshaw experience, but it’ll certainly be just as posh.

I’ve mostly used it for school: writing papers, power point presentations and internet use. Since I have an iPhone, I use iTunes often and iPhoto. I’ve also explored iMovie and Garage Band. I really like my little macbook friend.

If you don’t already have you, you should go out and get one!