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LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s

So it seems our lovely Lauren Conrad has been busy designing and working on her latest line which has been released and sold exclusively at Kohl’s. She originally designed a collection that got her feet wet in the fashion world and I’m glad she’s decided to move in the direction she has. A lot of people may not have taken her very seriously as a designer, but her latest collection, I think, really proves she should be designing clothes [on top of everything else she has going on].

Although I don’t shop at Kohl’s, I know a lot of young girls who may watch the Hills or just be a Lauren Conrad fans do shop at Kohl’s. What it says to me is that it’s accessible. It’s not an intimidating designer approach. It’s tangible and it’s a smart move, Miss LC.

I love that Lauren has decided to model her own clothes. Another smart move. The collection is pretty cute and current. It follows trends without being too much or going too far. It looks comfortable and chic and it’s a style women of a wider age group can wear.

Much like Lauren Conrad, I have hopes of branching out and building an empire. Shh, let’s keep between you and I, though. 😉

You can check out her entire collection and find out more about LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s here.


L.A. Candy It Is!

Hey guys! Thanks for your help in voting what I should read next. I decided to listen to you and so I’ve begun to read L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad. I’m actually really enjoying it. It’s a fun teen read and I like the characters already.

I should start some sort of online book club. Wow, I just got ten times nerdier. haha

Has anyone read it already? Does anyone want to read it with me?

Happy reading. 🙂

For the Love of Whitney

Let’s talk about the City. Let me just start off by saying that I LOVE Whitney Port. (Isn’t she gorgeous?) I watched her on the Hills and instantly loved her. She just seems like a person who I’d instantly be friends with. She kind of reminds me of my friend Nikki. Whitney’s just very personable and sincere. On The Hills, Whitney was Lauren Conrad’s co-worker/therapist/shoulder-to-cry-on. Her genuine positivity and level-headedness just made her stand out next to her dramatic co-stars.

So Whitney went from being a good listener and advice-giver at Teen Vogue and People’s Revolution and moved to New York to further her career in fashion. Season one of The City introduced us to a new group of friends (and lovers). Didn’t think too much of Jay. (I’ve learned to stay away from cute Australians!)

Season two has really focused in on Whitney and her new friend Roxy (ugh!) and the lauch of Whitney Eve (Whitney’s fashion line). It reminds me of what The Hills used to be like: drama here and there, friendships and love, and career-driven young women. It seems like The Hills is all about nothingness and petty drama about more nothingness.

Okay, so here’s why I don’t like Roxy Olin: for all you super-obsessed Hills fans, not that I’m super-obsessed…well…anyway, Roxy first appeared on The Hills as Stephanie [she]Pratt’s little sidekick at the confrontation at Opera Nightclub where Stephanie confronts Brody and Lauren saying psycho things like, “Brody…what are you doing on the dark side? …Come home with us!” Uhm…what a crazy bitch, right? Well, suddenly good ol’ Roxy goes from being Stephanie’s fighting buddy to appearing on The City?? Super sketch. It seems that Roxy and Whitney went to high school together. I’m over it. Maybe Lauren can make a guest appearance as Whitney’s pal again? Or just bring a new girl in altogether. One that isn’t affiliated with the Pratt family. Oh, and don’t get me started on Olivia Palermo.

Anyway, I haven’t really been keeping up with the show as much as before, but I always catch up on since they have all the episodes available to watch online for free. In fact, I think I’ll do that right now!

P.S. I love Kelly Cutrone. “You can kiss her on the forehead, but if I were you, I’d hold a gun to her back and tell her to stand up straight.” Loveit.

You can find more information about The City and watch full episodes on The City website.