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Back to School: Yoga and Eye Candy

School is back in session and let me tell you, I’m ready for Fall fashion. So needless to say, I was so excited to finally be able to try out some of the outfits in my closet. I have some really great sweaters and some outerwear that I’ve been dying to wear out. That’s all fine and dandy except…it’s like a thousand degrees outside.

My goodness, it’s been freakin’ hot! I’ve had to modify some of my looks to deal with the heat. Don’t get me wrong, I love sunny southern California and fun in the sun, but I have classes in the morning and I’m out and about during the peak heat moments. Well, I’ve been trying to make the best of it. Even though school’s started, it still kind of feels like summer. I went swimming over at Jessica’s recently and I’ve been able to have some really great times. It’s kind of weird that I’ve had some really great summer moments when it’s coming to an end. Well, I think I’ll just enjoy them either way.

It’s been tough to register for classes this fall. I got most of the classes I need, but there are a few that I haven’t had luck with. Rejection feels so strange! It’s awful. But here’s what I foresee happening, based on my experiences, the professor who rejected me will later fall in love with me. LOL

I still need to buy textbooks and a few materials. Oh! I’m taking yoga this semester! I’m so excited! I’ve never taken a yoga class and I’ve always wanted to. I need to pick out a cute yoga mat and little yoga mat sling. So cute.

So after an awkward first week of school, sitting through introductions and reviewing syllabi, I’m glad it’s out of the way and we can really get into the material and get some work done. I think I have one of those personalities that I like getting “in the zone” and there’s no stopping me.

There are some interesting things I’ve noticed this semester about my school:

  1. There are many more attractive people on campus than ever before! Every day as I’m walking around I always think, “Wow, what happened? Eye candy.”
  2. While noticing how many hot guys are on campus, I also noticed that it seems like most of the black guys at my school are in sports. Why is it that most black guys at my school are part of the athletics department?
  3. Men’s athletics at school are made up of mostly black guys and white guys. And a few Latinos, of course. Most of women’s athletics are mostly white girls. LOL Just strange.
  4. I’m an honors student, and being in an honors class has its pros and cons. It’s a smaller setting, so there’s a greater opportunity to have discussions about the material and really understand and learn about what’s going on in the class. It’s also nice to not feel like the smartest student in the room.There are a lot of really bright minds in the honors classes and I often find myself challenged by my peers, which is great. As far as the disadvantages of being in an honors class…well, how can I put this…some of my peers, although very smart, aren’t exactly what you’d describe as…cool. Or social. I think there are some people that are just so smart that they aren’t concerned with being cool or looking “fashionable” or whatever since they’ll be ruling the world later on. [I, of course would rather do it all!] I’m really not too concerned with what everyone’s wearing, but it is a bit strange having socially awkward people in a small setting.

I’m glad the semester has begun and I know it’s going to be a great one! I like school, so I’m excited for the next sixteen weeks and I’m especially excited for yoga. The eye candy isn’t too bad either.


BFF’s and Summer

The Block at Orange

So it’s really starting to feel like summer again. I’ve been going to the beach quite often and seeing my friends a lot more recently. Earlier this week I saw my good friend Alex. We met about two years ago when we worked for Gap. Last year we became really close and soon he became someone very important in my life. He recently moved to Long Beach, to this super cute place, too. So it looks like I’ll have to be doing a lot more partying in the LBC area (maybe not so much hood-LBC as much as gay-LBC).

Last night I finally got together with my friend Carmen whom I hadn’t seen in what feels like forever. I met Carmen the summer before my sophomore year of high school. Although my first thought was trying to determine whether she was a boy or a girl, as soon as we began to talk we instantly clicked and I knew she’d become my best friend. So yesterday, as usual, food brought us together (we had California Plate, a teriyaki place). We caught up over dinner and I was reminded how much I miss my friends. It seems like I never see my friends nowadays. We all have lives and work and school so it’s not as easy to get together. Carmen usually makes funny faces that make me laugh. I hope go capture some of them on video and maybe you’ll see what I mean in one of my YouTube videos.

After dinner with Carmen, my friend Jessica and her little sister Mirella and I decided we needed to dance! My friend Tony suggested Club Lucky at the House of Blues Anaheim. We met up with Tony and his boyfriend there and danced the night away! What’s great about gay clubs is that if you feel like dancing, you’re for sure at the right place. lol Good dance music, hot go-go dancers, oh, and bubbles! (ergo my tweet)

After a few [overpriced] drinks, we continued dancing. I always such a great time with my friend Jessica. We met in middle school and have been friends ever since. (Yay Jess!) Oh, at some point in the night Jessica and I made plans to go to Europe next year (haha). So it looks like Euro Trip 2011 will be amazing! Maybe it’ll push me to learn another language or two.

It seems like every time I go out with my friend Tony I’m always laughing my ass off! I feel if I were someone else looking at Tony and I interacting, I’d find us rather strange. Whether we’re at a club or bar or just lunching or shopping I always crack up at our conversations.

After the club we did what all the Hollywood socialites do: stopped at a fast food joint. There’s nothing quite like Chicken McNuggets at 1:00AM after a long night of man-on-man dancing!

I think I need to see a lot more of my friends, reuniting with old friends, and being open to new friends, too.

Last summer was easily the best summer of my life. Maybe this summer will be even better.