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Tweet Me!

Alright, so if you haven’t done so already make sure you follow me on Twitter! @adn24

Twitter is truly addicting to me. I tweet all the time! When I’m not tweeting, I’m reading tweets or possibly re-tweeting (publishing someone else’s tweet). It’s just interesting to read what people have to say 140 characters or less. Some people are obviously very boring: “Just woke up. Gonna shower and head to work.” Uhm…lame sauce. But there are other people who are insanely clever and sometimes even controversial. I’m always amused (sometimes offended) by my friends Carmen (@Crambam) and Daniel (@YayImCool), among others, of course. It’s also very popular for celebrities to tweet. Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler), of Chelsea Lately, always has the funniest tweets.

Tweeting is like a condensed version of blogging. It’s short and sweet. So there you are! If you’re thinking about joining the menacing world of Twitter, I say DO IT! Join and follow me! haha

Happy tweeting!

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