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Blue Carpet

I loved Katy Perry’s “blue carpet” outfit for the Smurf’s premiere in NYC last week. It’s slightly campy and cute. I dig it.

I never watched the cartoons but I’ll probably get around to watching this movie. Plus, NPH is in it.


Jamba is my Pleasure

I had Jamba Juice today. You may not know this about me, but I’m not a coffee drinker. I would a thousand times rather having Jamba Juice than coffee of any sort. I like the smell of coffee, but the taste? Not so much. My fave’s at Jamba Juice are the Peach Pleasure (so not an innuendo of any sort) and the White Gummy from their secret menu. (Yes, much like In-N-Out, Jamba Juice has a secret menu.)

(Have I mentioned I love secret menus?)